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The Scoop on Dipping Chips. Chip Cards, That Is.

Oh, the cards they are a changing, and changing the way we pay. Here’s why some stores are making you dip chips at check out!

Five Step Disaster Prep for Your Financial Survival

Bottled water? Check. Canned food? Check. Money? Hmmm. Better check out our tips for packing a financial survival kit.

The 411 On EMV

EMV is the techie term for the chip cards that are all the buzz right now. And this quick infographic breaks it all down for you.

Five Mind Games for Saving Money

Saving is just a matter of mind over money, and we’ve got some tricks to make some magic happen in your savings account!


The A-B-C’s of Creating a Financial Plan

Coming up with a plan for getting where you want to be financially isn’t about making it complicated. It’s about keeping it real. And real basic.

What You Need to Know Before You Sign a Loan

You know the drill. Go see the lender for the money to make a big buy, and promise in writing to pay it all back. Simple enough, right? Yes and…

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