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Things You Don’t Know About Grow. (But Should.)


They say good things come in small packages. Now, we’re the first to admit we’re not the biggest. The best? Well, we like to think so, and we’ve got a complete package of some very good things to grow real wealth in your life. Some surprising things, too.

Bugg Club
Hey, money’s tough enough for us grownups to figure, so how do you teach kids the A-B-Cs of smart saving and spending? By making it fun! That’s what the bugg club does, giving kids games and activities that don’t make learning feel like learning! Sign up your ‘lil bugg by opening a Basic Savings Account for children at any Grow store1.

Businsss Services
Yeah, this may be the biggest surprise of all for you small-business owners out there. Grow grows local businesses, and we work as partners with you to make our communities better places, for all us. That’s just what credit unions do. Give us a call at extension 2240.

Quorum Insurance, LLC
Shop around? Always a good idea when you’re looking for insurance. Got the time? Riiiight. Quorum, our affiliated insurance services provider2, does the legwork for you, by comparing policies with multiple agencies. All it takes is one call, to get the right coverage at the right price: 800.714.1447

Online Credit Scores
Three little digits make up one of the biggest numbers in your life. Why is your credit score so important? Because it tells the world how good you are with money. Open a consumer loan at Grow, and you’ll have access to your quarterly credit score in your Online Banking account.

Like everybody else, you have some money over here, some money over there, and your statements give you snapshots of it all. Well, what if you could see it all, in one big picture? That’s what Flourish does. Our free financial management tool pulls your accounts together, so you see everything, and see ways to make more of what you’ve got!

Surprised? We hope so. Pleasantly surprised at all the good things Grow can do for you!

1A valid Social Security card for minors is required to open a Basic Savings Account for children.

2Quorum Insurance, LLC, is an affiliate of Grow Financial. Insurance products purchased through Quorum Insurance, LLC, are not deposits of Grow Financial and are not protected by NCUA. They are not an obligation of or guaranteed by Grow Financial and may be subject to risk. Business conducted with Quorum Insurance, LLC, is separate and distinct from any business conducted with Grow Financial. Grow Financial is in no way responsible for the services provided through this program.

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