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Taking the Fear Out of Budgeting


You won’t find budgetphobia in the dictionary, (we checked). But, come on, tell us you’re not afraid. Very afraid. And why? Well, like most tales of terror, drawing up a budget is shrouded in myth. So, let’s dispel the myths and bring the truths to light.

Myth #1: Budgeting is Hard.
Really? When there’s an app for everything? Even, yes, budgeting! Okay, there is a little work at the start, because all these apps need one thing to get going – numbers. Your numbers. Money coming in vs. money going out. Easy enough. First, enter your monthly income, then all of your expenses, from housing right down to snacks at the vending machine. Once that’s done, the apps do the figuring for you.

Myth #2: You Won’t Have a Life.
Fact is, living on a budget means you can actually have a life, where you’re not struggling to make ends meet, paycheck to paycheck. A life where you begin to save and even plan for, dare we say it… your future! Oh, and you don’t have to give up the morning latte. All the experts saying what a waste of money that is, well, it’s a myth.

Myth #3: Budgeting is Booooring.
What budgeting does is make you pay more attention to your money. More attention gives you more control over it. And with a free financial management tool like Flourish, you can see ways to make more of it, and grow real wealth in your life. More money = more fun. Got it?

So, you see? Nothing to be afraid of. Budgeting is a very good thing, and can get you to the good place you want to be in your life!

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